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Mercedes Martinez is known the world over as one of the very best. A grim-faced brawler with distinctive sleeves of tattoos, Martinez has been a fixture in the industry since 2004, serving as both the foundation and centerpieces of various women’s divisions across several independent promotions. Martinez first appeared on WWE fans’ radar as an entrant in the 2017 and 2018 Mae Young Classic tournaments, where she squared up against the likes of Shayna Baszler, Princesa Sugehit and Meiko Satomura. With towns and accomplishments beyond counting under her belt, Martinez has built the kind of career that is the envy and respect of anyone who wishes to call themselves a professional wrestler, and that’s before she got to NXT. Imagine what she’ll do now that she’s here. More
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  NXT Great American Bash Night 2 Results – July 8th, 2020 
  POSTED BY: mercedeswpadmin   CATEGORY: NXT

Mercedes Martinez vs. Santana Garrett

We go back to the ring and out comes Mercedes Martinez making her return to NXT TV. Santana Garrett waits in the ring.

The bell rings and Mercedes kicks Santana in the gut to start. Mercedes unloads in the corner and beats Garrett down to some boos. Garrett turns it around and applies a submission on their feet. Mercedes turns it around but misses a running attack in the corner.

Garrett with a handspring into the corner but Mercedes comes right out with a running boot to level her. Martinez mounts Garrett in the middle of the ring and works her over. Garrett blocks a suplex and they trade strikes. Garrett misses an Okada Roll. More back and forth now.

Mercedes drops Garrett with a big forearm and gets more boos. Mercedes goes on and hits a Fisherman’s Buster in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

After the match, Martinez stands tall as the boos hit. She climbs the corner and poses as we go to replays. Martinez stands tall as the boos continue.

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